Please note, I have relocated to Southern Scotland.

Claire’s background includes:

  • Professional horticultural training at Askham Bryan College, York,20170204_213158
    followed by 25 years working in horticulture as a designer, gardener, consultant and public speaker, in the North Yorkshire area.
  • Managing the design and build of over 350 gardens
  • 4 years as Regional Co-ordinator of the SGD (North East) region, running continuing professional development courses for the regions’ designers.
  • 2 years as National Co-ordinator for all regions of the SGD (UK) membership, chairing meetings in London and Birmingham.
  • Design advisor at Garden Design Clinics in London and Harrogate over 3 years.
  • Exhibited at the Harrogate Flower Show winning Premier, Gold and Silver-Gilt awards.

Apart from roses and good planting combinations, Claire’s passions are getting the right plan worked out first, being flexible along the way, and doing a thorough professional job.

As a consultant Claire can come along as often as you would like,  advise and show you how to manage your garden, and work alongside you.  Claire can also carry out specialist tasks, for example pruning, and planting, soil management and bed preparation.  Some clients feel they are not confident enough to do this, or simply do not have the time.  Not doing it correctly, can have a negative impact on your enjoyment in your garden.  The better the preparation, and routine care, the easier it is to manage the garden on a routine basis.

Clients can be provided with one-to-one tuition;  and be guided on how to ‘troubleshoot’ a garden that needs renovating;  or be helped to manage larger projects.

“….all too often a project’s costs rise, an unannounced addition appears, because a tight rein is not held on all decisions when a design is implemented…..”.   “…..a few phone calls later, and Claire gave me the information I needed to guide the contractor who was being asked to do something they had not done before, Claire spoke with him and answered a few questions…the garden is now perfect!”.

Alternatively, you can simply, leave Claire to get on with it.  Please read the testimonials page to find out what others thought when they did that.

Phone: 07712 890 747

Email: clairecadoux@hotmail.co.uk

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-cadoux-a7978552/